Drei junge Frauen zu Besuch bei Kinder beflügeln...

Zeynep, Aleksandra und Mariam heißen die drei jungen Studentinnen, die seit dem 14. Januar bei uns zu Gast sind. Über das Equality Heroes Programm von AIESEC (www.aiesec.de/) sind sie sechs Wochen Teil des Kinder beflügeln Teams. Sie lernen uns und unsere Arbeit in Theorie und Praxis kennen; finden sich in Berlin und im Stift ein und leisten ihren Beitrag für unsere Kampagne. Alle drei haben Erfahrung im Marketing Bereich. So werden sie uns bei der Erstellung der neuen Öffentlichkeitsarbeit als auch bei der Fußball AG unterstützen. Wir freuen uns, sie hier im Stift begrüßen zu dürfen; wir freuen uns auf Austausch und neue Perspektiven!

Im Folgenden stellen Sie sich selbst vor.

I’m Zeynep and I’m from Izmir-Turkey. I’m studying English Language Teaching. When i saw this project i read the history of Evangelisches Johannesstift and then I immediately decided that I want to do my volunteer internship in there. Also my project Kinder Beflügeln is a great opportunity to getting in touch with children in person. So this project and the whole Evangelisches Johannesstift gave me the opportunity to helping them while they’re changing a lot of children’s lives.



I am Mariam, a psychology student from the country of Georgia. Thanks to AIESEC, an international youth organisation, I have had a chance to join Kinder beflügeln as a volunteer for six weeks during my university break. The project sets remarkable standards when it comes to dealing with common issues among children of various backgrounds. It’s been a pleasure to be a part of the team so far and I am confident that the best is yet to come. I am absolutely eager to use the experience in my work with Georgian NGOs that focus on similar affairs, as I find the approach to be greatly innovative.



My name is Aleksandra, I come from Poland and I am 26 years old. Currently I am volunteering at Kinder Beflügeln as a marketing assistant. I did my bachelor in the area of languages (Portuguese) and most of my jobs so far were related to my studies. I am more than happy to do something different than my past jobs and to volunteer at Kinder beflügeln. Nonetheless, it is not the first time I work for an non-governmental organization. I volunteered before in France for the charity called EMMAUS and in Brazil, doing my first project under the AIESEC’s auspices. My experience in Berlin has been great so far and I am looking forward to learn more. My interests range from playing the piano and crocheting to riding a bike and skiing. I am also interested in improving my language skills (at the moment – German). When I have a free evening I like to cook vegan meals.